animation and dreams

memories of dreams cannot be told in words. when telling a dream confusion always spoils a clear story flow. locations seem to change within a scene, suddenly a certain person turns to be someone else, things are happening at the same time but are experienced seperately. but dreams are having probably the deepest emotional impact on human consciousness.
to achieve a dreamlike feeling in animation, a mixture of different techniques and aesthetics is appropriate. for example a combination of photography and animated graphic elements or video footage composed with handpainted textures. so visiuals can be created which do not communicate a certain style but different emotions. animation should be used more like a language of dream than a simulation of reality.

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7 Responses to “animation and dreams”

  1. Ben Says:

    dem schließ ich mich an!
    und das bild gefällt mir auch sehr gut. gibt’s das auch bewegt?


  2. invisiblechamber Says:

    yes, it’s a still from an ongoing animation project.


  3. disn Says:

    äh ja, klingt gut.
    irgendwo gelesen?


  4. invisiblechamber Says:

    just my 2 cents about my own approach to animation and illustration.


  5. disn Says:

    mhmm… i’m reading these days stuff about psychoanalytical filmtheory which in fact sees cinema as dreaming. and on david o’reilly’s page i found hints to andrej tarkovsky and his beliefs in filmmaking, dreaming, finding truth in art and so on. think your philosophy is close to this guys.



  6. invisiblechamber Says:

    that sounds interesting, disn. i know »sculpting in time« by andrej tarkovsky and can highly recommend it. actually i consider psychoanalytic aspects when making the concept for an animation.


  7. xonx Says:

    Forget psychoanalytical film theories. They have never been proved empirically. Two main aspects of those theories are questionable: unconsciousness and identification. Spectators can of course be conscious about what they perceive in cinema and they also do not necessarily identify with characters.


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