fraser cameron: love is like water

Vodpod videos no longer available.

my good old friend fraser making up one of his last songs. when filming this no sound was recorded. even the song you hear has not been played on the shown concert. so i edited this all shaky video footage from the gig to an audio recording of a jam session that actually took place in another location a couple of weeks earlier. this video is published as bonus on a fraser cameron band dvd, available at

rest in peace, my friend!


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13 Responses to “fraser cameron: love is like water”

  1. Steffen Says:

    Great tribute!
    I’ll try to visit the tribute concert on june, 7th. See you there?

  2. invisiblechamber Says:

    thanks! yes, i’ll be there – looking forward to meet you.


    […] watch the bonus-video »love is like water« […]

  4. Jeremy Donald Says:

    Thank you so much for that, it is a fitting tribute to a dear old friend. Beautiful.

  5. Brian Gibson Says:

    My heart’s broken all over again. Thank you for this.

  6. Steve Poupard Says:

    I never knew Fraser nor he me but his music lifts my mood every time I listen to any of it. He was a great talent and will be greatly missed, I’m sure, by all who came across him either personally or through his music.
    May his memory and his music live on eternally, thank you for posting this.

  7. invisiblechamber Says:

    thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  8. schoolbuddy Says:

    Sadly missed, a true talent.

  9. Nat Says:

    Beautiful song. Thank you.

  10. Ellen Says:

    Still can’t believe that you’re gone, when I’m watching this video…

  11. Donald Says:

    My beloved brother – I miss you so much!

  12. Ellen Cameron Says:


  13. daniela Says:

    i remember you and still listen to your songs..Nov.2011

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